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Picking the perfect prom dress comes with a lot of pressure for most girls; in many cases, it’s the first time they will wear a formal gown, and all eyes (family, dates and schoolmates) will be on them! From strapless and backless to form-fitting gowns, Rachael’s fashion buddy Gretta has the tips to make your teen feel like a prom queen! (Plus, Gretta shares her own prom memories in our Buddy Blogs!)

“Can I wear a strapless dress if I’m busty?”
Nadia, 17, has always wanted a strapless dress but worries that she won’t be able to wear one with her busty body type. “My biggest fear is that I’ll be showing too much skin and I’ll be pulling it up the whole night,” she says. Gretta recommends a dress with boning – support that is already built-in – and a design that includes a criss-cross. “It’s going to cut and lift the chest,” she explains, “so that it gives a great shape and also goes right down and through and over the curves beautifully. It looks straight, but those asymmetrical lines really flatter us, especially in a larger bust area.”

“Can I wear a tight-fitting prom dress if I’m curvy?”
“I usually wear flowy dresses,” admits Christine, 16, “but for prom I want to wear something a little more form-fitting to show off my curves.” Gretta helps her pick out a stylish red piece with an asymmetrical shoulder. “The one shoulder elongates, gives her the long line,” Gretta points out, “and that little extra bit of material at the dropping gives it that flirty fun. You let that drape and go over your body and you’re perfect.”

“Can I wear a revealing dress?”
Antoinette, 17, would like a sophisticated, showy dress with a bit of reveal, but still wants it to be right for her age. “I don’t want to look like I’m 21 and going to a junior prom,” she says. Gretta’s solution is to go with a dress that has a low back to provide the reveal, but not too much. “When backless goes bad is when it goes too low,” she warns. “It should not be below the small of your back.” The long dress also has plenty of coverage and support to keep it age-appropriate.

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